Case Studies

These 3 Case studies are selected to showcase our Capability to provide the right security Solutions for different needs:

1. Machakos Road Surveillance – Long-range wireless backbone – kenya

2. East Africa Portland Cement (EAPCC) – Kenya

3. Douda Tazwid Industries – Djibouti

Machakos Road Surveillance

 One of RealWorld’s strength is the capability to do very stable wireless CCTV network system over long distance. The Machakos Road (16km) & Makutano mwa Mwala (33km) were our pioneer long-range wireless projects.

 These systems now about 3 Years old are fully built on a wireless
backbone directly sending signal to the control in Machakos town, 16km &
33km away respectively.

Machakos Control Room

 Machakos County Control Room – Images on screen showing every km of the 16km Road. Images transmitted wirelessly.

East African Portland Cement

 EAPCC is a huge facility covering factory, weighbridge & offices hence required a hybrid solution (Cable & Wireless Network) to ensure both short & long-range coverage is achieved

East African Portland Cement

 Premium equipment infused with best in class techincal manpower means from the control room you can zoom in to analyze key details e.g vehicle number plate below at EAPCC weighbridge, close-in on faces etc

Douda Tazwid – Djibouti

This project was an integration of an IP CCTV hybrid (Cable
& wireless) & Biometric Access Control System.

System has both Access Control & Time & Attendance and is linked to HR system.

Why Realworld?

 Best In class quality & stable performance solutions

 Cost-effective End to End solutions

 Customized support & response on after sales service



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